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How to Save Money on Faux Fur

By Fabric Design Treasures December 29, 2022

How to save money on Faux fur.

Nothing fits winter better than fur – or even faux fur. The beautiful luxurious feel of softness can make even the coldest winter day feel warm. If your next project calls for faux fur, we have tips for keeping the costs down without losing the look.

Benefits of faux fur

There are several good reasons to choose faux fur over animal fur, including:


Faux fur is very durable. Even more so than real fur. It can last longer than real fur while maintaining its appearance for years. Over time, animal fur will fade. Depending on whether the animal fur has been colored or not, it could start to fade and lose its luster within a year. Additionally, the more you wear it, the more it can get worn out.

However, when properly cared for, faux fur can last and last. No matter how much you wear it. Look for faux fur at your fabric store that is made by a company known for its high-quality products. That will ensure you get a fabric that will stand the test of time.

Ease of care

Caring for real fur can take time, effort, and special products to keep it looking its best. You'll also need to have it specially cleaned. That can add to extra costs and cause the fur to shed, further destroying its look.

In comparison, your fabric store will tell you that faux fur is machine-washable. This makes it straightforward to care for on your own without expensive cleaning costs. However, you must follow the instructions, use the gentle cycle, and have no heat.

Moreover, you can hang it up to dry so it won't get damaged in the dryer's heat. This means you'll be able to clean your faux fur quickly, no matter how many stains or spills you get.

Simple Storage

Weather can cause damage to your real fur fabric. It requires special storage care to keep it safe and in good condition. Unless you properly put it away, real fur can become damaged from moths and humidity. But with faux fur, you won't need to worry.

You can put it away with all your other cold-weather gear. This can save you money on special storage units to keep your fur safe. Instead, your faux fur will be safe in your closet.

Protect animals

Real fur comes with controversy, but that's not the case with faux fur. No animals are harmed in the manufacturing of the fabric. This means you can look fabulous and feel good about your choice.

Cost of faux fur

The price of faux fur can vary depending on the manufacturing process, the quality of the materials, and other similar factors. That means that your fabric store will have faux fur that fits no matter your budget.

If you're looking to use faux fur in your next project but are worried about the costs, we have some ways that you can save money.

Tips to save money on faux fur

Here are some ways to save money on faux fur at your fabric store.

Use faux fur to match your project

Not every project needs top-of-the-line faux fur fabric. Some projects can turn out great with a lower-cost fabric. It's important to know when to spend the extra money and when to use a less expensive fabric.

Understand manufacturing process

How much work goes into creating the faux fur will impact its price on the shelf. This is also dependent on where the fabric is created. For example, manufacturers in China or the Middle East may charge less for their products than manufacturers in other countries.

Weight and width

The weight and width of faux fur fabric play a big role in its cost. The more yarn it takes to knit the project together, the more it will cost. So, you can look for material that weighs less and has a smaller width than other faux furs.

Extra finishing touches

Another tip for saving money on faux fur at your fabric store is to cut back on the finishing touches. The more coloring and processing the faux fur is put under, the higher the material cost.

Faux fur solid has the least amount of finishing done to it and is the least expensive fabric. The next level of fabric uses discharged printing to add colors to the fabric. Jacquard weave is the faux fur fabric that costs the most money.

Shipping costs

It's also important to remember that shipping costs impact the final price of faux fur. Some manufacturers will save on shipping costs by packaging the fabric in cheaper materials. However, this can cause damage to the fabric.

Yet, manufacturers that opt for higher-quality shipping materials to ensure the fabric is kept safe will need to recoup those costs. The way fabric stores do this is to charge more for the faux fur fabric.

Careful measurements

Carefully consider how much faux fur you'll need for your project. You can also modify your project to use less faux fur without removing your finished creation's aesthetics. This way, you can more accurately budget the costs of your creation, and it may help you find other ways to save money.

Shop at online fabric stores

If you want to find good deals and lower prices on faux fabric, shop at online fabric stores. These stores have fewer overhead costs and can offer better fabric prices.

Why Fabric Design Treasures?

We aim to provide our customers with the best deals on top-quality fabrics at Fabric Design Treasures. We love what we do and want you to get the most from your fabrics. Our team is always available to assist you in finding suitable material for your next project.

At Fabric Design Treasures, we have a wide range of faux furs for every budget. Our faux fur looks so real you'll be able to create unique decorations, clothing, and more.

Even though our online fabric shop is based in Montreal, we offer unique and quality fabrics to customers all over North America. Our material is available in different measurements, or we can custom-cut what you need.

When your project calls for real-looking faux furs, contact Fabric Design Treasures.

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