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Licensed Fabric

Licensed Fabric - Fabric Design Treasures

If you love sewing and you love your favourite characters, sports teams etc., licensed fabrics are a great way to get those two passions together by stitching up projects with your favourite designs, characters, teams or brands. From Disney to Marvel and beyond, we have lots of licensed fabric options available for you to choose from.

Licensed fabric are a great way to get your favourite designs, characters, or brands in your sewing projects

They're often used for clothing projects but can also be found on home decor items like pillows, curtains, bed sheets or even tote bags.

Licensed fabrics have become very popular. Designers or artists sell the rights to their designs to fabric manufacturers, who then print them onto various types of fabric. The design may be printed on cotton, linen and silk!

Types of Licensed Fabric

Licensed fabrics are available in various themes, from sports teams to movies and television shows to Marvel superheroes. There is no limit to the types of licensed fabrics that can be found. 

These fabrics are for all ages; children and adults enjoy using or even wearing licensed fabrics, making them the perfect fabric to use when making a gift for a friend or family member. 


Marvel Fabric is a popular licensed fabric that can be used on anything,

Spiderman Licensed Fabric

including clothing. Disney owns the Marvel brand and has been around for decades. 

It has many designs and variations, including Batman, Superman and Spiderman fabrics. Quilters love using this material because it's easy to work with and has many options!

Some materials cost more than others, so you should look for an affordable option that fits your budget!


Disney fabric is a popular licensed fabric that is great for getting your favourite Disney characters in your sewing projects. Disney fabric is available in various styles and designs, so you can find something that suits your needs. Disney fabrics are also available in many different colours, so plenty of options!

If you're looking for a fun way to make clothes for children or adults who love the movies like Tim Burton's Nightmare Before Christmas, this is what you need!


NHL fabric is a great way to show off your team spirit. You can use NHL fabric to

NHL Licensed Fabric

create a custom quilt or blanket, and it's also available in many different colours and designs. Consider creating one out of NHL fabric if you want a unique bag!

You can even use this licensed fabric to make a personalized shirt for yourself or someone else. The possibilities are endless for creating fun things with licensed sports fabrics!

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Our licensed fabrics are the perfect choice for your next project. We carry various fabrics ideal for quilting, home decor, apparel, and more!

Enjoy free shipping when your order exceeds CAD 135. All orders are dispatched the next business day! We provide high-quality fabrics from the best brands in the industry. 


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