The Best Kept Secrets About Fabric Stores - Fabric Design Treasures

The Best Kept Secrets About Fabric Stores

The Best Kept Secrets About Fabric Stores - Fabric Design Treasures

Watch for deals

Fabric selection in Fabric Store

Fabric store deals are some of the best ones you’ll find, and they’re worth waiting and hunting for. These can include Black Friday or Christmas sales and discounts on particular fabric styles. One way to stay on top of the deals offered at your favorite fabric store is to sign up on their email list.

When fabric stores have upcoming sales, they’ll first let everyone on their email or newsletter list know. You can also follow them on social media and watch for posts about deals. Some fabric stores will offer exclusive social media discounts for a limited time to their followers. In short, being connected is key.

Know when new fabrics arrive

Like most retailers, fabric stores get deliveries of new supplies regularly, and you must know when they arrive so you can have the first pick. It’s also critical to be on top of your fabric store’s supply chain if you’re interested in seasonal fabrics.

Some stores get delivery of seasonal fabrics twice a year, so if you miss it and they’re sold out, you’ll need to wait until next year. Like staying alert for deals and sales, being on your fabric store’s mailing list means you’ll be the first to know about seasonal fabric deliveries.

Special print fabric

When looking for fabrics, you are not limited to what you see on their site or shelves. Instead, you can request unique printed fabrics. It does take a little time and will cost more, but if you want to custom-make your material, you can.

Getting a printed fabric ensures that you’re happy with the look. It’s also a good trick for creating a unique look for your sewing or crafting projects. However, it’s essential to understand the process before ordering printed fabrics. Get to know the pros and cons of digital and screen printing, so you’ll know what method is best for your project.

Lower prices online

Saving money will be important if you love sewing and doing it often. Most online fabric stores will offer better prices than brick-and-mortar stores. This is due to the higher costs of operating a location compared with running a fabric store online.

With online fabric stores, no rent is needed to put your products on display, and no staff to hire to care for customers or your shop. These cost savings get passed along to customers. So, even if you see a fabric you like while you’re out at a store, do some research and see if you can find the material at a better price online.

Designer fabrics

Some of the best quality fabrics are only sold online. These are considered designer fabrics and are produced by well-known brands. They offer beauty and quality, which means they are some of the best fabrics to work with. However, if you want discount fabric or you’re just getting started, you’ll want to put off using designer fabrics until you have a project that calls for it.

Request swatches

Finding the right fabric for your projects can take some time. You may need to see how the material will look in certain lighting, or you’re trying to match it with other fabrics or colors. One of the best ways to do this is to request a fabric swatch. This is a little piece of fabric you can use to make a match. Professional fabric shoppers will advise you to request swatches if you find a fabric you’re interested in but are not ready to buy. It’s the only way to be sure you get the material you want for your project. Even online fabric stores will offer swatches for you. All you need to do is ask.

Damaged item discount

Another secret about fabric stores is that they may offer discounts on damaged items, so it’s worth asking. Sometimes fabric stores get in damaged items during shipping, but they are still perfectly fine to use in a project. This counts for fabrics and notions, which can help save you money on your project.


Fabric store owners are full of information. They live and breathe the business, so you’ll be able to learn what materials will be best for your projects, what fabric styles are in, and who makes the best quality material. If you have questions about your patterns, notions, or prints, contact the store owner and ask. You may find some information that surprises you but also improves your project.


When it comes to the cost of fabric, wholesale is always cheaper. If you find a material you like and may be able to use for various projects, it makes sense to buy it wholesale. This works best if you already have more significant projects in mind, for example, cloth diapers or a sofa cover. But even if your project is smaller and you find a material you love, buying large quantities means you’ll have it on hand for your next great idea.

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